umta 'L-im Y umta 'L-im

Halumm, Halumm, Li-majdi 'Z-zaman

Laqad Sarakhat Fil-'uruqi 'D-dim

Namtu, Namtu, Wa-yahya 'L-waan

Li-tadwi 'S-samwtu Bira 'dih

Li-tarmi 'S-aw'iqu Nrnah

Il 'Izzi Tunis Il Majdih

Rijla L-bildi Wa-shubbnah

Fal sha F Tnisa Man Khnah

Wa-l sha Man Laysa Min Jundih

Namtu Wa-naya 'Al 'Ahdih

ayata 'L-kirami Wa-mawta 'L-'izm.



O defenders of the Homeland!

Rally around to the glory of our time!

The blood surges in our veins,

We die for the sake of our land.

Let the heavens roar with thunder.

Let thunderbolts rain with fire.

Men and youth of Tunisia,

Rise up for her might and glory.

No place for traitors in Tunisia,

Only for those who defend her!

We live and die loyal to Tunisia,

A life of dignity and a death of glory.


Adopted in 1987

Words by MUSTAFA SADIK AL-RAFII (1880-1937)

and ABOUL KACEM CHABBI (1909-1934)