Nahnu Djundullah Djundulwatan.

In Da A Da Il Fida Lam Nakhun.

Natahaddal Maut Endalmihan.

Nashta Ril Madjd Bi Aghlathaman.

Hathihil Ard Lana! Falyaish Sudanuna,

Alaman Bayn Al Umam.

Ya Benissudan, Hatharamzukum;

Yah Miluleb, Wa Yahmi Ardakum.



We are the army of God and of our land,
We shall never fail when called to sacrifice.
Whether braving death, hardship or pain,
We give our lives as the price of glory.
May this Our land, Sudan, live long,
Showing all nations the way.
Sons of the Sudan, summoned now to serve,
Shoulder the task of preserving our country.


Adopted in 1956

Words by AHMAD MUHAMMAD SALIH (1896-1971)