New words were written in 1991


Dar khan manai khuvsgalt ulas

Dalaar mongolyn ariun golomtoo

Daisny khold khezeech orokhgui

Dandaa enkhzhizh uurd monkhzhene.





Khamag delkhiin shudarga ulastai

Khamtran negdsen egneeg bekhzhuulzhee

Khatan zorig bukhii chadlaaraa

Khairtai mongol ornoo manduuliaa.




Zorigt mongolyin zoltoi arduud

Zovlong tonilgozh zhargalyg edlev

Zhargalyn tulkhuur khogzhliin tulguur

Zhavkhlant manai oron mandtugai.









Our sacred revolutionary country

Is the ancestral hearth of all Mongols,

No enemy will defeat us,

And we will prosper for eternity.





Our country will strengthen relations

With all righteous countries of the world.

And let us develop our beloved Mongolia

With all our will and might.




The glorious people of the brave Mongolia

Have defeated all sufferings, and gained happiness,

The key to delight, and the path to progress -

Majestic Mongolia - our country, live forever!