Burndi Bwcu, Burndi buhre,
nga icmu mu mashnga,
Gaba int
he y'bugabo ku bugngo.
Warpfunywe ntwapfye,
shijwe ntwahababuka,
Uhagurukana, uhagurukana, uhagurukana, ubugabo urk
Komerwamashy n'makngu,
bwa impndu nbwe,
mrane mu mashnga, ismrane mu mashnga,

Burndi bwcu, rgi ry'baskru,
Ramutswa int
he n'bihgu,
Ufatanije ishyaka n'ub hizi;
Vuza imp
ndu wgnzye uwakgnza uwakgnza.

Burndi bwcu, nkramtima kur twse,
ye amabko, umtima n'buzima,
Imna yakduh
ye ikudtngire.
Horana umw
mi n'bagabo n'tkne.
gwa n'rwze, sgwa n'mahro mz.




Cher Burundi, doux pays,
Prends place dans le concert des nations.
En tout bien, tout honneur, accd l'indpendance.
Mutil et meutri, tu es demeur matre de toi-mme.

L'heure venue, t'es lev
Et firement tu t'es hiss au rang des peuples libres.
Reois donc le compliment des nations,
Agre l'hommage de tes enfants.
Qu' travers l'univers retentisse ton nom.

Cher Burundi, hritage sacr de nos aeux,
Reconnu digne de te gouverner
Au courage tu allies le sentiment de l'honneur.
Chante la gloire de ta libert reconquise.

Cher Burundi, digne objet de notre plus tendre armour,
A ton noble service nous vouons nos bras, nos curs et nos vies.
Veuille Dieu, qui nous a fait don de toi, te conserver notre vnration.
Sous l'egide de l'Unit,
Dans la paix, la joie et la prosprit.




Beloved Burundi, gentle country,
Take your place in the concert of nations,
Acceding to independence with honourable intentions.
Wounded and bruised, you have remained master of yourself.



When the hour came, you arose,
Lifting yourself proudly into the ranks of free peoples.
Receive, then, the congratulations of the nations
And the homage of your sons.
May your name ring out through the universe.

Beloved Burundi, sacred heritage from our forefathers,
Recognized as worthy of self-government,
With your courage you also have a sense of honour.
Sing the glory of liberty conquered again.

Beloved Burundi, worthy of our tenderest love,
We vow to your noble service our hands and hearts and lives.
May God, who gave you to us, keep you for us to venerate,
Under the shield of unity,
In peace, joy and prosperity.



Adopted in 1962

Words by a group presided by JEAN-BAPTISTE NTAHOKAJA (1920-)