Adopted in 1992

Words by AHMEDJAVAD (1892-1937)


Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!

A gahraman övladen shanle vatan.

Sandan ötr jan vermae Jomle hazeriz.

Sandan ötr gan tökmae Jomle hazeriz!

Oochrangle bayraginle massaud yasha!

Oochrangle bayraginle masuad yasha!

Meanlerle jan goorban olde!

Senan harba maydon olde!

Hogogindan kechan asgar 

Hara beer gahraman olde!

San olasan goolostan,

Sana har on jan goorban!

Sana mean beer manhabat senamde totmosh makan!

Namosoono hifz etmae,

Bayragine oksaltmae.

Jomle gangler moshtagder!

Shanle Vaten! Shanle Vaten! 

Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!

Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!




Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!

O Great Land, your children are heroes.

We are ready to be martyred for you.

We are ready to shed blood for you.

Three-coloured flag, flourish honourably!

Thousands of lives have been sacrificed.

Your bosom has become a battlefield.

Every devoted soldier

Has become a hero.

You are prospering.

My life is always dedicated to you.

My love for you is embedded in my heart

A thousand and one times.

To preserve everything

And to honour her flag

All the youth are willing.

Great Land! Great Land!

Azerbaijan! Azerbaijan!